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    Dangerous Goods
Gefährliche Güter
Dangerous Goods – No Problem!

The handling and transport of Dangerous Goods requires more than any other cargo extreme diligence and detailed expertise.

The compliance with the legal security regulations at LUG is monitored by specifically trained delegates.

The physical and documentary control of Dangerous Goods consignments is effected in accordance with the ICAO Technical Instructions / IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations in co-operation with Fraport AG.

Commencing with receipt of the goods up to positioning and retrieval we offer the complete range of services for all classifications (except classification 7)

Gefährliche Güter

Import cargo handling has been one of our key competences since our company has been founded.

Export consignments can be delivered to LUG around the clock.

In addition to the physical handling of cargo we offer the following services regarding handling documentation.

LUG offers a variety of customs clearance services.

The Perishable Center at Frankfurt airport is one the most sophisticated handling gateways in the world.